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    by Adam Taggart

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 5:45 PM

Some exciting news: we’re going to be increasing the amount of fresh content on this site over the next few months.

Most notably, we’re going to have more frequent in-depth reports (both public and premium) and substantially more ‘What Should I Do?’-related articles.

Please forgive me for being a bit cryptic about the specifics at the moment. But the details will be announced here on the site soon.

In the meantime, for those of you interested in making sure you don’t miss new articles as they’re released, I wanted to highlight your options for having our new content sent directly to you.

  • RSS (including personal homepages like MyYahoo!) – if you like to get your favorite content all in one place (via a news/RSS reader like Google Reader or a personalized homepage like MyYahoo! or iGoogle), adding our feed is easy. Simply click here and select your preferred service from the ‘Subscribe Now’ box at the top right.
  • Facebook – if you follow our Facebook page, our new posts get inserted into your personal Facebook feed as they’re released. Plus, we also push out observations daily in response to market activity and world developments, as well as notable insights Chris may have during the day.
  • Twitter – subscribing to our Twitter feed is another great way to stay current on the news and developments that Chris and I flag as noteworthy on a daily basis.
  • Email – receive a daily summary of new posts (e.g. Daily Digest, new blog and ‘What Should I Do?’ articles) in your email inbox. Click here to sign up.
  • iTunes – in response to popular demand, we’ve created an iTunes channel for subscribing to our public podcast interviews. Now it’s much easier to download our interviews onto your iPod, iPad, or mp3 player. (We’re still in the process of uploading all our past interviews to this channel, so bear with us: they should all be loaded be end-of-day tomorrow)

If you have questions on setting up any of these services, don’t hestitate to PM me or post in the Comments section below.

For those teased by my hints above about the coming new site content, we’ll unveil the first new installment next week. Stay tuned!



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