Flash Player Help

Are you here because you couldn’t play the Crash Course videos? We can help.

From this point forward, only paid subscribers and registered members will be able to access the Crash Course videos in high resolution Flash format.  Unregistered site visitors will only have access to the YouTube versions of the videos.  We find this unavoidably necessary to more effectively manage our site bandwidth costs.

If you are an unregistered viewer, you may notice that some of the chapters have been doubled up in the YouTube versions. Chapters 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 are back-to-back on the same video.  You can access this double video from either of the chapter pages.  If you wish to view only the later of the two chapters, you can use the slider bar at the bottom of the YouTube screen to fast-forward through the earlier chapter.

Some of the chapters are split into two parts.  On these chapter pages you will see two video boxes.  Watch the first half in the upper video box, and the conclusion of the chapter in the lower video box.

Subscribers and registered members are able to view our Crash Course videos in high-resolution Flash format.

Generally, Flash Player is installed any time you try to access a Flash movie and don’t already have a recent version of Flash Player on your computer. In most circumstances, you will be able to view and enjoy Flash movies without any difficulty, inconvenience, or expense, which is why PeakProsperity.com has chosen this medium to bring you the Crash Course.

However, as of December of 2007, Adobe has stopped supporting Flash for some older operating systems, stating:

“The features added to Flash Player utilize the technology in the latest operating systems for performance, functionality, and efficiency. These subsystems are not included in the older operating systems. Additionally, manufacturers will no longer fix issues in these operating systems, which makes it impossible to address Flash Player issues with root causes in the operating system.”

As a courtesy to people still using unsupported operating systems, Adobe has provided the following downloads of Flash 7 for users of the following Operating Systems & Browsers:


To download the latest Flash player, click here

Just click on the appropriate link, download the Flash player installer, install Flash, and you should be good to go.