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    First-ever Crash Concepts podcast on Financial Myths is ready

    by Chris Martenson

    Monday, January 5, 2009, 4:59 PM

Well, as always, I let my need for quality get in the way of punctuality, but the podcast recorded on Friday is now ready for subscribers.

Ron had to make significant upgrades to the site to enable the podcast to be played right from the page (plus other serious fixes regarding file management, but that’s already too much information).

The podcasts will be easier and smoother to produce from here on out and I am very much looking forward to enhancing and perfecting this additional means of communicating with the supporters of this site.

You can access podcast via the drop down menu at the top of the page under "Stay Current".

Or you can follow this link.

Once at the page you can either listen to it through the site or you can download it.

Here’s the description:

In this inaugural podcast, Chris first discusses the implications of hitting a 37 year low in mortgage interest rates, especially in light of an 18% plunge in the Case Schiller House Price Index. GMAC was made a bank; does this make sense? Why was the most important news about this released early in the morning on December 31st?

The main body of the podcast deals with 4 financial myths. In it, he discusses the risks associated with relying on "buy and hold for the long term," and "stocks are cheap right now," and "there’s cash on the sidelines waiting to rush in," and "our problems would be solved if we could just unlock the credit markets." If you allow these myths to creep into your decision-making, you are at risk.

The podcast then answers subscriber questions and closes with a big picture view of where we are headed.

Be sure to let me know what you think about how to improve it, what you’d like to hear next time, and any other comments or suggestions you might have, either by sending me an email or by leaving a comment here.

Also, please submit your questions for the next podcast, which is already in development.

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