Can I place a chapter from the Crash Course on my YouTube account, or embed it in my website or blog?

You may not directly upload a chapter of the Crash Course to your YouTube account.  However, you are welcome to link to one of our existing Crash Course videos at by adding it to a playlist or to your favorites. 

You may embed one or more Crash Course chapters in your blog or website, but only the YouTube versions may be embedded, not the high-resolution versions.  To embed a video in a personal website or blog page (or anywhere that HTML can be pasted), you will need to go to the above-linked YouTube page to find the video you want to embed, copy the the 'embed HTML code' from the YouTube page, and paste the HTML code onto the page where you want to have the video. 

Outside forums and some blogs have their own different system to allow for embedded videos, so if the above instructions don't work for you, you will need to contact those website providers directly to find out more about how to embed in their sites.