I'd like to enroll, but I can't afford the enrollment cost.  Why do you make people pay for content?

We understand that some readers do not have the resources to enroll.  If we could, we would give all of our services away for free to everyone who is interested in our work. Unfortunately, the very real expenses of running a site with 65,000+ users requires us to bring in revenue somehow.

We remain committed to offering a significant body of content on our site for free.  Although we reserve some content for our premium members, the entire Crash Course has always been free and available to everyone, along with some of the other basic but important features of PeakProsperity.com, including forums and groups, our weekly update newsletter, the public blog, and a number of past Insider Reports, which can be found here.  We also offer an entire adjunct set of information at ResilientLife.org, including our What Should I Do? series and frequent blog entries, all at no charge to readers.

Enrolled members receive access to more extensive site content than registered users, including special in-depth reports, guides, and timely alerts.  However, we remain committed to keeping the entire Crash Course free and available to everyone, along with the other fundamental features of the site. 

Very occasionally, generous supporters offer to sponsor scholarships for interested readers who cannot afford to enroll.  If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please contact us and explain why you feel you would be a good candidate. Scholarship opportunities are limited, but we will take your inquiry under consideration when and if another scholarship is sponsored.

If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship for someone who is unable to afford one, please contact us to make arrangements.  Thank you to all who have done so generously in the past.  Your generosity goes a long way and is much appreciated.