When I type a web page, it doesn't turn into a link. What do I do?

If attempting to add a link with the rich-text editor enabled, it is necessary to highlight the text to be turned into a link, then click the icon above which looks like a "chain link".  A window will then pop up which allows entry of the URL to be referenced. If "<a href="http://www.chrismartenson.com">link</a>" is written in the rich-text editor, it will be displayed as text, not a link. 

The reason it works this way is the text editor doesn't know if the commenter wants to create a link, or if a comment post is in regards to HTML programming and the goal is to display the actual written code.  This approach allows for both to be included.

Second, it is possible to have "<a href="http://www.chrismartenson.com">link</a>" recognized automatically as a link, but only if the rich-text editor is disabled, and if the URL is prefixed with "http://".  The editor can be disabled by clicking the "disable rich-text" link below any entry field.