I don't know much about RSS feeds.  Can you help me understand how they work?

Clicking on the RSS icon allows you to set up an e-mail feed so that new content on that area of the site is delivered to you via e-mail.  

Whenever an RSS icon is present on a page, it represents an RSS feed for only the dynamic (changing) content on that page.  If content on the given page is "static" by nature, it will not be carried along as part of the feed. 

An RSS icon looks like a dot with two arching lines cupping it on the right.

Here are a few examples:

  • An RSS feed icon is found on the main blog page to the right of the title (in this case, the icon is orange).  This represents a feed for all blog posts.  As new blog entries are created, this RSS feed will update.
  • You can also subscribe to an RSS feed for each individual forum thread (this icon is also orange).  The RSS feed for each thread is a continual listing of all the reader comments and responses to the original forum post.
  • There is also an RSS feed icon on the far right of the light gray navigation bar under the title box of every blog post (in this case, the icon is gray).  This represents a feed containing all of the reader comments for that particular blog entry.