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Chris and Adam spend just about every available moment keeping their fingers on the pulse of the market, working on upcoming projects, recording podcasts, continuing to offer blog posts and Insider Reports, and providing occasional forum input. We are a very small team and we also continually work hard hard to make critical changes and improvements to the site while preparing for future ventures.  We hope this effort will be appreciated by readers.

Chris and Adam maintain an active presence on the site, reading comments and responding directly to them when possible.  The team reads all comments and incoming e-mail, and we take all suggestions and questions under consideration for inclusion in our site content.  We welcome and appreciate your input.

Although Chris, Adam, and the team cannot usually address reader questions directly, our online community is a rich resource of thoughtful input from well-informed members.  The expertise represented in our community is remarkable (as you may already have discovered). So if you have not already done so, we encourage you to share your thoughts directly on the site so that others can read and respond.  We recommend using our Groups feature to find others who are interested in your topic of discussion.  Or you may want to consider posting in the Peak Prosperity General Discussion forum.  Questions and insights that are in alignment with our site guidelines are always welcome at 

We are also grateful for suggestions and feedback. We are constantly working to improve the site, and we greatly appreciate input that will help us accomplish that goal.  We take all suggestions under consideration, and those that we cannot yet implement are kept on file for possible future use. 

If you feel urgently that it is in your best interest to speak with Chris personally, you will be glad to hear that he does offer personal consulting for a fee.  Many of our readers have availed themselves of this option.  More information on consulting and scheduling is available here.

Resource suggestions that are in alignment with our site guidelines are always welcome at  While we are not able to respond personally to all of the email we receive, we are always grateful for timely tips from sharp readers. If your suggestion is appropriate for publication in our Daily Digest, you may e-mail it to us for inclusion.  Suggestions are filtered by our Daily Digest team prior to publication.  If not, you may want to post your link on the site in on of our groups or forums and begin a discussion so that others may benefit and join in.  Please note that we do not accept links for exchange or promotion.

Simply send us an e-mail and let us know how you feel!  Chris works hard to help people and finds it encouraging knowing that his efforts are appreciated.  He especially appreciates hearing how his work has been meaningful to individuals.  If we feel your testimonial is one others would find helpful, we will post it on the Testimonials page (with minimal editing for grammar and punctuation).