Frequently Asked Questions - Podcasts

To play a podcast, click on the right arrow (triangle) in the podcast player located directly underneath the title of the podcast that you want to hear.  (Make sure the sound on your computer is turned on!)

To jump forward or go back in the podcast, "grab" the large dot on the horizontal line and drag it forward or backward.  The red portion of the horizontal line represents what you've already listened to.  The time counter may be helpful in saving and finding your place.

To increase or decrease the volume, click on the speaker ("sound" symbol).  Slide the gray bar on small gray horizontal line to adjust the volume up (to the right) or down (to the left).  You can also use the volume control on your computer to further fine-tune the volume.

To pause the podcast, click on the double vertical bars ("pause" symbol) on the right-hand side of the podcast player.

To listen in iTunes or download the podcast, open the podcast article and scroll down to the bottom, below the large podcast screen.  Look to the lower left-hand side and there will be links for either option.

To save the podcast to your computer, click on the text link (mp3 file) below the podcast player and podcast description. If that doesn't work, you might need to right-click the link and open the download in a new window by selecting "Save Link As" or "Open Link in New Tab" instead of simply clicking on the link.

Our Featured Voices podcasts are available for free to anyone who is interested.  Our Off the Cuff podcasts (part of our Insider Report series) and other special content is available only to enrolled members. To receive access to Off the Cuff podcasts, read Insider Reports, receive e-mail alerts, and enjoy other special benefits, you’ll need to enroll by logging in and clicking on the Enroll Today button at the top of the main page (or click here) and following the instructions from there.  Please note that once you are enrolled, you will need to be logged in to your account to access premium content at Peak Prosperity.

If you are having difficulty downloading or listening to the complete podcast, the problem can usually be solved by one or more of the following:

  • Clear your browser cache.  Some information in the cache may have corrupted the podcast download.
  • Close all instances of the browser and restart it, then retry.
  • Avoid using "embedded" browsers, such as the browser which comes with AOL.  Instead, access the Internet using a fully functional browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Reboot the computer. 
  • Attempt to listen to the podcast using a different Internet connection.
  • Attempt to listen to the podcast on a different computer. 

If all else fails, please contact us, let us know what you've already tried, and we'll do our best to help.


The easiest way is to click on the iTunes link at the bottom of the podcast page, on the left-hand side underneath the larger podcast screen.

One of our astute readers sent in the following helpful hints for another way to download podcasts to an iPhone:

  1. Download mp3 to desktop.
  2. Launch iTunes and drag mp3 to music library.
  3. Add new playlist titled "podcasts."
  4. Drag mp3 to "podcasts" playlist.
  5. Connect iPhone to computer. On main sync screen check off "transfer only checked playlists and music." Under iPod tab, check off "podcasts" playlist.
  6. Apply sync.