The password link you sent me doesn't work! What do I do?

First, be sure to use the link sent within 24 hours of requesting it.  If more than that time elapses, you will need to visit the homepage and click on "New Password" again to send yourself a updated link.

If that isn't the issue, read on.

Users can choose to receive their email as HTML or plain text.  This is an option set within your email client (Thunderbird, Outlook, Entourage, etc.)  If you have your email client set to receive HTML, you can click directly on the link to use it.  You may not see the entire link; it will probably look like this:

If your email client is set to receive messages only in plain-text format, the URL will look like this: [1] 

The "[1]" next to the URL is a footnote.  You must then scroll to the bottom of the e-mail to find the full link.  You may be able to click on it, or you may need to cut-and-paste the full link into your browser.  It will be a long link and you will need to make sure to include every bit of it or it won't work.

If you currently receive e-mail in plain-text format, switching to HTML format will make it possible for you to receive clickable links from us.

Finally, if the above does not work for you, please contact us and our customer service crew will reset your password manually. 

Please note that although we do our best to respond quickly to all e-mails, there there may be a delay of up to one business day for a manual password reset.  Thank you for your understanding.