Refund Policy

We regret that we are unable to give refunds. The enrollment fees and donations received by are immediately applied toward site maintenance and projects that benefit site readers. We are passionately devoted to making as much of this information free to the public as possible while drawing enough financial support to keep the site running. We simply do not have the resources to process refunds.

This policy also applies to automatic renewals.  When you enroll, you receive information about how to opt out of the automatic renewal process.  If you choose not to opt out, your account will continue to be automatically renewed by the system at the end of each enrollment period.  If you need instructions on how to opt out, click here.  If you need assistance, please contact us and we can help. 

This policy also applies to accounts that have been suspended or blocked due to noncompliance with the Forum Guidelines and Rules.

We hope and anticipate that will continue for as long as its message is needed, and we feel the message will be valid for a very long time. By enrolling, you are agreeing to our no-refund policy and accepting the risk that, should the site become financially unviable, your enrollment might end prematurely. We will do everything possible to prevent this situation but want to be clear about this possibility so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing an enrollment.

Thank you for your understanding.