I am unable to display a Crash Course chapter, or the video stops midway through.

Occasionally we have visitors mention they are having issues viewing one of the Crash Course chapters.  The issues are not specific to any one given chapter, and most often the problems have to do with browser issues, computer processing/memory, or speed of Internet connection. The current Crash Course format provides a rich viewing experience with high-quality video, but the size of the videos has been known to cause viewing issues for some visitors.

The problem can typically be solved by performing one or more of the following:

  • Clear the browser cache.  Some information in the cache may have corrupted the video download.
  • Close all instances of the browser and restart.  Often the video will not be displayed in this situation because the browser is using too much computer memory.  This might be because the video is competing for memory with another web page, or the viewer has multiple chapters running in multiple windows at the same time.
  • Avoid using "embedded" browsers, such as the browser which comes with AOL.  Instead, access the Internet using a fully functional browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Reboot the computer.  Sometimes a program running in the operating system might be causing a conflict with the video.
  • Attempt to watch the video with a different Internet connection.  We have had situations where the viewer's Internet connection is either having problems, or just not powerful enough to watch the videos.  He or she was then able to see the video when they took their computer to a coffee shop and connected to the shop's wireless Internet connection.
  • Attempt to watch the video on a different computer.  Try on your computer at work, or on a friend's computer.  Some older computers may not have the processing power or memory capacity to handle multiple videos running at once.