What can I do to prepare for the economic and cultural changes that Chris predicts?

We understand that this is a big question for many people, ourselves included. We continue to develop site content to address the personal and cultural changes that we face. In fact, we've designed a companion site to Peak Prosperity, called Resilient Life, specifically to focus on answering the common question, What should I do?

First, start with our What Should I Do? Guide. Next, go to Resilient Life and take a look at what we offer there, including our ongoing What Should I Do? Blog and Daily Prep suggestions for increasing the resilience in your life. 

We also recommend that you watch Crash Course: Chapter 20 Downloadable self-assessment materials are available here

For more information on what you can do to protect yourself from the effects of the present and future economic storm, the Peak Prosperity side of the site has you in good stead. You can find information on the Planning Guides pages as well as in Peak Prosperity blog entries, podcasts, and Insider reports. Some of our material is available only enrolled members, but a significant amount of content is available for free to registered users as well.