I signed up for a one-month enrollment. On my credit card statement, two withdrawals are pending. What happened?

Sometimes during the enrollment process, a credit card company will show the transaction related to one enrollment twice.  While the transaction is still pending, you might see two (or more) incidences of the transaction in your account register.  Rest assured that when the status of this transaction changes from “pending” to “completed” – something that is done internally by your credit card company – the extraneous incidences will disappear and you will see that you were only charged once for your enrollment.  So if the status on those multiple transactions is pending, please wait a day or so and check again.  Sometimes it can help to contact your credit card company and ask them to clear any "holds" on your account.  If you find that your monthly credit statement contains multiple completed (not pending) duplicate transactions, then you should contact us to sort it out.  Thanks.