What sources did Chris draw from in creating the Crash Course?

In creating the Crash Course, Chris generally used only what most people would call “Grade-A’ sources for the data.  Some examples of sources used:

  • All monetary, bank reserve, and interest rate data comes from the St. Louis Fed.
  • All oil production and discovery data comes from the DOE (Tonto).
  • Housing bubble data comes from a variety of sources, including OFHEO, BLS, CENSUS, Robert Shiller, Robert Prechter (historical bubble examples).
  • Population data comes from the UN (future) and Wikipedia (historical).
  • All national debt figures come from the US Treasury Department.
  • Much of the data on household debt, credit market growth, etc, comes from the Federal Reserve Z.1 report.
  • To fill in a lot of the gaps and to simplify some of the data searching, Chris used economagic.com, and they use only “official” sources.
  • Inflation data comes from the BLS, except for the counter-argument data, which, as noted in the presentation, comes from John Williams at Shadowstats.
  • ALL of the demonstration graphs (e.g., ore body % and mine waste) were created by Chris in Excel.