What is the difference between the Basic Edition and the Special Edition of the Crash Course DVDs?

The Basic Edition (v.1) is available as YouTube and high-resolution videos on our site and can also be downloaded from the ISO/bittorrent files (see here for more info).  The Basic Edition was also sold in DVD format from November 2008 to February 2009 and will be available for purchase again soon, but only in bulk quantities.  This edition is the one to buy (or download) if you're looking for an inexpensive already-made version to hand out to people.

The Special Edition (v.2) is available as a new 3-disc DVD set and can be ordered here as of March 2009.  This is the version to buy if you're planning to own a copy for yourself or present it to a group.  The Special Edition is enhanced with the following improvements: 

  • Live video introductions and summaries by Chris Martenson to put a face to the material and provide framing for each section.
  • Three-disc format.  The Crash Course material has been reorganized and separated into three discs, each less than 1.5 hours, to better support group showings. 
  • Minor reorganization of the chapters:
    • Chapters 1, 2, and 3 from the Basic Edition were combined into one chapter in the Special Edition.
    • The chapter entitled "How Much Is a Trillion?" was moved to an earlier spot in the lineup in the Basic Edition.
    • The chapters were renumbered in the Special Edition, so they do not necessarily have the same chapter numbers that they did in the Basic Edition.
  • A 16-page Presenter's Pack that includes:
    • How to present and what to discuss
    • Study questions (by chapter and/or section)
    • Spreading the word
    • Tips and advice for hosting a house party
    • Tips and advice for hosting a community presentation