Frequently Asked Questions - Advertising

The ads you see on do not necessarily reflect our views, but we do rely on the revenue they generate. At this time we are using Google AdSense to manage the ads shown on our site.  We do not condone or encourage any particular ads. Google uses their own automated technology to determine what types of ads they think will be a good fit for our site.  While we would prefer that no political or religious ads appear on our site, we cannot categorically block ads.

We can choose to block individual URLs if we are aware of them, but we have no way of knowing about them until they pop up on the site and we happen to see them or someone brings them to our attention. If you see an ad that you feel our readership would find offensive, please share with us the destination URL listed beneath the ad so that we can consider blocking it.  Once we have blocked an ad, it may take several hours to be removed from our site, so please be patient.  Thank you for your understanding.

For further information about our advertising policies and requirements, please contact us directly.