Northeast Organic Farming Association – MA Summer Conference - Chris speaking after Crash Course showing

By j_d on Fri, Jul 31, 2009 - 9:31am

Location: Campus  Center Reading Room, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Chris  will be speaking after a showing of the Crash Course Part 3 at the annual NOFA  Summer Conference. The full Crash Course will be presented in three sections over the course of the event’s three days. Chris will be present at the showing of the third section, on Sunday, August 9th from 10AM - 12PM, and will lead discussion and Q&A about the Crash Course after the presentation.

This will be a great opportunity for residents of Western New England to engage with material in an atmosphere that celebrates agriculture and community. Please join Chris for an exciting presentation and lively conversation with local farmers and thinkers on the forefront of the local farming movement.

For more information on the Northeast Organic Farming Association and their summer conference, click here:

To view a schedule of events, including the three Crash Course showings, click here:

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Re: Northeast Organic Farming Association – MA Summer ...

I attended the winter conference of NOFA and can tell you it was very exciting for anyone looking to change directions from the large corporate model to a smaller community based one.  It was my first conference, but the attendence figures had almost doubled year over year so mindsets are changing (a very good thing).  Think exponential here and imagine a doubling of attendence every year for 5 years.  I think this is a perfect venue for Chris and believe it should be very well received by this audience.  I will try to attend again, as there is great knowledge to be gained, and many new connections that can be made for those really interested in making this movement to a new sustainable, and healthier way of life.  I hope many others from the CM community will make the effort to attend.  I do not think you will be dissapointed.


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