Crash Course Showings in Chesapeake VA

By cmartenson on Fri, May 29, 2009 - 12:51pm

Crash Course Showings are being offered to the public by Coolhandluke, who writes in, "I will be hosting CC viewings with the help of Cat, Dogs, Rhena in our area.  Here is the information:"

Sunday July 26th 1PM-5PM
Greenbrier Library (Room for 80)
1214 Volvo Pkwy
Chesapeake, VA 23320


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Re: Crash Course Showings in Chesapeake VA

The event went well.  There were 5 of us total.  3 had never seen the Crash Course.  I think more viewings will come out of this.


Lucas Marshall

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Re: Crash Course Showings in Chesapeake VA

 Congrats, man!  Start with who's there and build...  More power to ya!

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Crash Course Showings in Chesapeake VA

Thanks Lucas for setting up the viewing in Chesapeake, VA..

I also feel as though the showing went well.  The feedback was positive and I know those who attended the Crash Course are very active in their communities.  The type of people that will spread the word. 

Looking forward to the next showing.  I will try to set something up at my Constitution Study Group in the next couple of months.


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