Crash Course Seminar: Thriving in Any Future

By ticrafts on Wed, Jun 17, 2009 - 9:00am

On Day 2 of their Denver Seminar Series, Chris and Becca will take stock of our current predicament with a penetrating dive into current events and up-to-date news headlines.  They will help you assemble a "Crash Course Toolbox" that will enable you to separate the facts from the hype, allowing you to process media content with a shrewd new layer of awareness.

During the seminar, you will connect with other concerned, like-minded individuals, and through lively group discussions and workshops, help you take stock of where you are in the process and generate an action list. You will be able to delve deeper into individual topics of the Crash Course, whether your focus is on finance, energy, or sustainable living. We will help you also to process and come to terms with change on an emotional level, readying you to transform your life.

Click here for event information.

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