Crash Course Presentation at SolarFest in Tinmouth, VT

Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Mon, May 31, 2010 - 11:33am
"The 3 E's of Sustainability - Energy, Environment, & the Economy"


12 McNamara Road

Tinmouth, Vermont 05757

Saturday, July 17 from 11 am to 12:00 noon (Eastern time)

Presentation by Steven Letendre 

Sixteen years ago, SolarFest started with an innovative and original idea:  Hold a festival showcasing the power and possibilities of Solar Energy.  Today, SolarFest, Inc. continues to produce the Northeast's premier renewable energy and arts festival—a three-day, family-friendly festival that combines world-class entertainment with not-to-be-missed workshops in renewable energy, sustainability and community engagement.

All too often we focus too narrowly on a single element of sustainability.  This workshop, presented by Steven Letendre, provides an integrated discussion of the three Es of sustainability--energy, environment and the economy.  Based, in part, on's Crash Course, this workshop will provide attendees with an integrated understanding of how the economy, energy, and the environment are linked, and thus require holistic solutions to bring about a sustainable future.

"Thriving Locally" workshops take place in the Vermont Tent Company Tent or Outdoors as noted.  Verify location with event organizers.  For more information, call (802) 235-1513 or go to

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