Chris to Present One Day Seminar at NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association), Boston, MA

By Megan on Wed, Feb 9, 2011 - 9:47am
NESEA Building Energy 11 Conference

Seaport World Trade Center

One Seaport Lane

Boston, MA 10990

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (local time)

Chris will present the one-day version of the Crash Course: Thriving in Any Future seminar as part of NESEA's (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association) annual Building Energy conference in Boston, MA.  

From the NESEA website, a description of the event:

Chris Martenson - The Crash Course: Thriving in Any Future

We live in an economic system built on growth, but what happens when the need for growth comes up against the realities of a finite planet? This seminar starts from the assertion that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste and that the coming changes will afford us an opportunity to envision and create a new and true form of prosperity based on deeper connections to our communities and where we live. * This session is accredited by BPI.

Chris will also participate in a panel discussion on Wednesday, March 9th with David Orr entitled "Martenson and Orr: Engaged in Place."  Click here to learn more about this session.  

Registration for the Tuesday workshop and the other conference events requires separate entry fees.  Click here to learn more about registration and conference proceedings.  

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