Chris Lectures in Albany NY - “Our Monetary System - What Lies Ahead?”

By cmartenson on Mon, Feb 23, 2009 - 10:21am

What:  A free lecture open to the public.  I will be presenting my latest thinking about where we are headed (after providing enough background to assure everybody can follow the logic).

Where:   St. Joseph’s Hall is at 985 Madison Avenue in Albany

When:  7-9 p.m. EST.

Parking: Big parking garage right across the street from the hall.

Cost:  Free

Note: From 7-7:30 is an open discussion on energy.  My part runs from 7:30 onward.

Another note:  This will be audio recorded...not sure if I will be able to use/post the material or not.  That will depend on the audio quality....


Sponsors' note to their membership:

Chris’s lecture on Monday evening, 3/9 is open to the public. It will take place in St. Joseph’s Auditorium of St. Rose College in Albany. The evening is cosponsored by CREF (Capital Region Energy Forum), St. Rose College, and CEG (Center for Economic Growth).  From 7pm-7:30pm there will be an opening discussion, open to all attendees, “What’s New in the Field of Energy?”.  From 7:30-9pm will come Chris’s Presentation, “Our Monetary System - What Lies Ahead?”

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Re: Chris Lectures in Albany NY - “Our Monetary System - ...

Great!  I'm happy that you will be coming close enough for me to come and listen!  I will be bringing my father as well; he has had great influence on my general mindset, which is what led me to the crash course to begin with!



I'm glad you chose to do this, Chris!  See you there!


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