ASPO - Chris speaking at the final panel discussion (CO)

By cmartenson on Fri, May 29, 2009 - 1:33pm

I will be speaking at this year's ASPO conference in Denver, Colorado this October.  The conference is to be held October 11th - 13th, and I will be closing out the conference as part of a panel.


3:30 PM to 5:00 PM Strategies from the Forefronts of the Transition

Moderator: Sally Odland, ASPO-USA Advisory Board


Here's what's been requested of me:

After a 2-day deluge of charts, graphs and sobering updates, we want to end by featuring stories from people who have been highly effective in leading others to the energy transition. In particular, we would like Chris to share his experience in putting together the Crash Course, the reactions and responses he has received from individuals/communities/businesses, and his strategies for building on this traction.

Here's some info about the conference and a link to the event:

ASPO 2009 International Peak Oil Conference

* Registration Opens: June 1, 2009
* Early Registration Deadline: August 15, 2009
* Hotel Room Block Closes: September 29, 2009
* October 11-13, 2009 Conference

Reflecting on a tumultuous year of major swings in the price of oil and the world economy, the ASPO 2009 International Peak Oil Conference, which incorporates Europe's annual ASPO event, zeros in on the vital links between oil and money. While our signature issue of oil depletion may have disappeared from the headlines, and demand has dipped due to economic malaise, the situation remains the same: our world may be at or very close to peak oil production.

With three days of information-packed sessions featuring peak oil analysts from around the world, our conference content will appeal to a broad spectrum of people in business, industry, public policy, and members of the public concerned with resource supply issues.


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Re: ASPO - Chris speaking at the final session

Congratulations, Chris.

That's a great opportunity.



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Re: ASPO - Chris speaking at the final session

Wow, this is phenomenal! Congrats!!

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Re: ASPO - Chris speaking at the final session

Congrads Chris, your work is art.

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Re: ASPO - Chris speaking at the final session

Niiice.  Congrats, man! 

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Re: ASPO - Chris speaking at the final session


Go knock 'em alive!



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Re: ASPO - Chris speaking at the final session

I hope something will be done to get media coverage...and what are you comments Chris about France's new carbon tax and the opportunity to extend it to the EU???



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Re: ASPO - Chris speaking at the final panel discussion (CO)

How did the event go?

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