Annual Scion Exchange Jan 24th @ 10am Santa Rosa Veterans Building - share/get fruit tree cuttings or get a fruit tree for $8

By kevinoman0221 on Sun, Jan 18, 2015 - 3:41pm

I have not been to one of these before but it sounds fantastic. I am copying info from posts on a Santa Rosa forum on Reddit.

Big event where you can get scions (aka cuttings) of interesting uncommon varieties that you can graft on to your existing fruit trees or rootstocks OR you can buy a rootstock there for a very small price ($3 or so) and have an expert graft your scion of choice for another small price ($5 or so).

From the website (

Our most popular event is the Scion Exchange we host every January, open to the public.

This event is not to be missed for all fruit enthusiasts. We focus on sharing free scion wood from all sorts of fruit trees and vines — common favorites, heirlooms, rare and experimental varieties – usually 500+ varieties. We supply rootstocks to graft them onto at a nominal price, and expert grafters who can custom-graft fruit trees on the spot for a nominal fee.

In addition, multiple vendors supply a tremendous variety of fruiting plants you won’t find anywhere else for some incredible deals.

We offer free grafting demonstration classes for beginners, plus experts are available to answer your fruit-growing questions.

Sat, January 24, 10am – 2pm

Where: Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial, 1351 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.
Description: The annual Scion and Plant Exchange is where over 500 varieties of common, rare and experimental scions (cuttings) and fruiting plants from all over Northern California are available. Doors open at 9am for all members, who also get in free!!! $5 at the door for non-members gets you a selection of scions, and includes all pruning and grafting classes. Custom grafting by expert grafters of your scion selections to rootstocks is available for just a few dollars more. There are grafting and planting demonstration classes for beginners, plus experts and hobbyists to answer questions for more advanced gardeners. Proceeds fund agricultural scholarships and donations to worthy fruit-oriented non-profit organizations. Bring a gallon baggie, tape and Sharpie to mark your scion acquisitions.
I intend to be there. Maybe I'll bump into some of you :)


Event Details
Saturday, January 24, 2015 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm EST
Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial
1351 Maple Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
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$5 for non-members.


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Thanks, Kevin

I will go as well!

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Adam Taggart
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Me, too

Need some more fruit trees. My saplings died in the summer from the drought.

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Just hello

Hi Leanne,

It looks like you are the 'ringleader'   :)

I enjoyed meeting you & Caroline today.

I hope to visit next week or soon.

Tom Fones in Davis.




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