Chris & Adam Present in Lima, PERU

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Thu, Sep 18, 2014 - 11:08am

Chris and I have been invited to Lima, Peru to present a full-day seminar titled "New Global Scenarios That Will Define Peru for the Next 20 Years"

Entrepreneurs, corporate executives and government officials will be in attendance. If you live in or near Peru, this will be a valuable "meeting of the minds" at which the future of the country (and South America, in general) will be discussed in detail.

Key focus of the event:

  • the trends most likely to challenge Peru, its businesses and its populace over the coming years
  • which scenarios are most likely and what their implications will be
  • how to position your business and your personal situation to make sure you thrive, rather than falter, through these challenges

Click here to learn the details of the event

Event Details
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - 9:00am - 6:00pm EDT
Delfines Hotel
Calle Los Eucaliptos 555 San Isidro 15073

$450 (S 1,282.50)


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Conrats on the Peru seminar Adam and Chris!

It's really encouraging to hear that you guys have been asked to do something like this.  It's equally encouraging to hear that a country actually cares enough, and is aware enough, to ASK you to do something like this!! 

Question: are you guys presenting (at) the  full day seminar with other presenters, or are you giving the whole full day seminar yourselves?  It sounded like the latter, which would really be a wonderful macro first-step in the right direction.

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Adam Taggart
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Full day

Thanks for the kind words, pinecarr!

Yes, we'll be giving the full-day presentation ourselves - though we will ask several prominent Peruvian guests to participate at times during the day.

It is good sign (for which we're very appreciative) to be invited by a country such as this. Peru's economy is very resource-driven, so they will certainly be directly affected by the Three E forces we'll be discussing there.

Another good sign: Chris and I will be heading to Mexico soon thereafter, for a similarly-themed seminar. We'll be part of a larger group of presenters at that one, but it's encouraging to see the demand for the message! 

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That's really great news, Adam of the most encouraging things I've heard in a long time!  That there are actually countries like Peru and Mexico, who are starting to "get it" enough to be proactively looking for insight and guidance on the 3E's....that's just excellent.  You guys have worked hard, and we've been waiting a loooong time, for the message to get this kind of traction. It is especially welcomed to hear such good news given the constant backdrop of negative news we hear about the global situation on a daily basis.

Congrats again to you and Chris; this feels like a huge "win" in terms of a milestone in advancing your message to me. 

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summary of the event in Peru?

I am happy to hear that you were invited to present at events like this one in Peru, and the one coming up in Mexico. I hope the event in Peru was a worthwhile experience.  It would be very interesting to hear your perspectives on the event, how your message was received,  any unique information and viewpoints added by the Peruvian presenters and/or attendees, and what you think the implications are.  Any chance you might post a synopsis and summary?  Thank you so much for all you do!

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