Sebastopol Meetup - Sunday, 11/4, 6:00pm Pacific Time

By suziegruber on Fri, Oct 26, 2012 - 12:40pm
Event Details
Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 9:00pm - 10:30pm EST
Hopmonk Tavern
230 Petaluma Avenue
Sebastopol, CA 95472
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Hi everyone,

Dianne Munroe, Jeff Rooney, and I invite you to join us for an early Sunday evening gathering of local Peak Prosperity folks at Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol.  As a theme, I propose that we excahnge ideas about the advantages and disadvantages of living in West Sonoma County with an emphasis on how each of us is addressing the challenges in creative ways.  We really want to meet more local Peak Prosperity fans.


Contact Information
Suzie Gruber
(707) 888-9646


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Sounds good! I'll be there

Sounds good! I'll be there with my wife.

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Adam Taggart
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Count me in

Thanks for organizing, Suzie. I'll be there!

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hoping to make it

I'm going to try to be there!


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The Sebastopol Meeting

Thanks for organizing the event, Suzie. I plan to be there.


Benjamin Nick Colby
[email protected]
Swallow Valley Farm
PO Box 466
Valley Ford, CA 94972

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That's Great!

Wow!  I am excited that all of you have said you will join us.  I think Jerry Allen may be coming as well if he doesn't have to work.  I was at Hopmonk tonight watching the Giants beat the Tigers.  What a postseason the Giants had!

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Good to see another meeting planned

I missed the last meeting, so will plan to make this one. I will be the one wearing the "eat, sleep, go-solar" shirt!

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Some ideas

Hey guys, that was a good meeting! I'm looking forward to the next one.

One idea for a group activity we might do is sealing food in mylar bags for long-term storage. I've done a bit of this myself but find it awkward, and some of my bags have lost their seal; it would be great if someone with experience could lead a group through this with the right equipment and setup to get it done right.

Another group activity could be doing some shooting, maybe at the range in Two Rock. I've only been shooting once and would like to get more practice.

To recap one thing I mentioned at the meeting (and I've posted on the group board) is the Appleseed non-profit organization that teaches rifle shooting skills ( It is free for women and children, $70 for guys. I'm going to one in December.

Also, if anyone is on Facebook and is interested in a network for people to sell and trade their goods with oneanother in the Sonoma County area, send me a friend request (Kevin Jaillet) and I will invite you. It's an invite-only group called The Farmers' Black Market. There are a lot of good people and good food on there.

And one thing I was hoping to ask but didn't get a chance -- is there much overlap with this group and the Survival Podcast? I think some of Jack Spirko's podcasts and videos could be great additions to the How To section of the site. If you have not heard of it, don't let the name throw you; MANY people are reluctant to listen to the show because of the name, and are surprised to find it is all about beekeeping and permaculture and gardening and the economy and so on. It is a gigantic resource for becoming more resilliant.


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sorry i missed the meeting

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make the meeting last nite.  I'm very interested in upcoming meetings/activities. 

Thanks, Susan

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