Peak Prosperity Advanced Seminar Course: Developing Your Emotional and Social Capital

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 - 4:11pm

The old world is falling apart. Your ability to live a full and joyful life in these trying times depends on your ability to be with your emotions, learning what they have to teach you about your deepest self.

Chris’s and Becca’s Peak Prosperity: Thriving in Any Future workshops and The Crash Course video series, and Chris’s and Adam Taggart’s book Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting address what you can do to flourish amid the coming crises by building up eight different forms of capital.

This experiential workshop focuses on two of the most critically important of these eight forms: emotional and social capital. Without these, you could be rich in the other six but still unable to enjoy your life and manage challenges the future may bring. In this extended weekend, offered for the first time, you’ll learn a transformational emotional-processing tool called Focusing, receive advice for talking to reluctant partners about difficult material, and much more — including a deep dive into Being.

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(Note: This workshop is intended primarily for people who have attended a “Peak Prosperity: Thriving in Any Future”  workshop within the last five years. It will be limited to 35 participants to offer a more personal experience. If you would like to attend, but haven’t been a participant in past PP workshops, please contact The Rowe Center and Chris and Becca  will make considerations on a case-by-case basis. )

Event Details
Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 5:00pm EST - Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 12:00pm EST
Rowe Conference Center
22 Kings Hwy
Rowe, MA 01367
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Rowe Registrar

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High-level schedule?

Hi Folks-

   Do you have a high-level schedule you could share that gives a rough idea of the timing of things?  I hope to attend, and am trying to decide if it is feasible to stay at an offsite accommodation or not (if things run into the evening, I'd be more inclined to stay onsite).  Also, the schedule for Thursday would help in making travel plans.



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