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    Early Bird Alert!

    Be the first to know when discounted tickets to the PP 2020 seminar go on sale
    by Adam Taggart

    Thursday, December 19, 2019, 10:57 AM

The excitement continues to build for the upcoming Peak Prosperity seminar, to be held May 1-3, 2020 in Sebastopol California.

As always, alumni from previous seminars get to register first. Right now, they’re doing so at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen.

At this rate, the event is on track to sell out soon after we open it to the general public in two weeks. So if you’re interested in attending this year, register early.

If you enter your email address below, we’ll let you know as soon as tickets go on sale next month at our discounted “Early Bird” rate (37% off the general admission price):


[If the entry box above isn’t showing for you, click here to submit your email address]


This year’s seminar is shaping up to be our biggest and best ever.

  • The most expert speakers we’ve ever had
  • The most topics and interactive exercises
  • An entirely new parallel track dedicated to tribe-building with the fellow participants you’re most interested in getting to know better.

In addition to Chris and me, here are just some of the Peak Prosperity celebrities that will be speaking: Charles Hugh Smith, Axel Merk, John Rubino, Wolf Richter, Richard Heinberg & DaveFairtex. Plus the financial experts from New Harbor Financial.

Mike Maloney of GoldSilver will be there. He’s one of the best monetary historians that we know of in the world.

And here’s some other breaking news: We’ve just booked Peter Boghossian, author of How To Have Impossible Conversations, as a featured presenter.

If you’ve listened to this podcast, you know he’s the best expert to help us navigate how to successfully engage with our friends, spouses and family members about the many economic/energy/environmental predicaments we face.

And we’re locking in a number of other similarly amazing speakers. We’ll reveal more names very soon.

This is going to be an amazing event. We’re looking forward to seeing you there in May.

Don’t forget to enter your email address above to secure your seat and the Early Bird discount price!


Adam & Chris

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