Russia Apparently Struck a Coalition Bunker in Aleppo, Killing 30 Foreign Intelligence Officers

On September 21, FARS reported that 30 Israeli, US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British intelligence officers were killed in a Kalibr missile attack in Aleppo. The strike was carried out in the immediate aftermath of (and in retaliation for) the coalition bombardment on the Syrian army (the one that was reportedly coordinated with ISIS in advance, but was a tragic mistake).

The FARS article cites a Sputnik Arabic report. The Sputnik report, as far as Google Translate is concerned, was reliably described by FARS. As with any news, and until it is further corroborated, its veracity is anyone’s guess. But let’s keep in mind the Sputnik agency is the successor to RIA Novosti’s international branch; it is owned and controlled by the Kremlin. This means anything Sputnik says, Russia says. So the report, regardless of other factors, must be taken seriously.

If the attack did indeed occur, it would make sense for Russia to do it covertly, and to advertise it primarily to an Arabic-speaking audience (the goal being to inform Assad’s supporters and adversaries, not to force NATO into a reaction by having to acknowledge or deny it). It would also explain why the American warmongers seem hysterical ever since; they say it is because of the humanitarian convoy; or because civilians are suffering in Aleppo. In essence, they are accusing Russia of having its own version of the Dahiya doctrine, and of inspiring terror (perhaps they’d blame Russia for seeking shock and awe). Coming from the bomber-in-chief, that however seems to stretch the possible hypocrisy a bit far. They are pissed about something else.

That would explain the escalation ever since:

  • The US suspends diplomatic talks with Russia over Syria
  • US General Joseph Dunford says imposing a no-fly zone is Syria would amount to war with Russia
  • The Aleppo propaganda is significantly ramped-up
  • The Obama administration starts contemplating strikes on Assad
  • The Russian Ministry of Defence says Russia, to avoid any further mistake, will strike down any plane attempting to attack areas controlled by the Syrian government
  • Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley warns the US is ready to destroy Russia

It is also noteworthy that Trump changed his tone on Russia, as did his VP; would an attack against Syria (and thus a confrontation with Russia) be decided, Trump would have been briefed, and would have had to make sure he doesn’t appear “un-American” when it happens.

The escalation, so far, is merely acoustic. But the lunatics have a plan.

Had the freaks bombed Assad in 2013, when it was supposed to happen, they perhaps could have gotten away with it. We would have in Syria another resounding success as in Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia or Yemen. The Shiite crescent would have successfully been broken. The chaos in the Middle-East would be even worse than today. Criminal interests in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, the UK and the US would have been properly served. The Islamic State would already have an embassy in Washington DC.

But the Russians stepped in first; so now, there’s no overthrowing the Syrian regime without going over Putin’s dead body.

Let’s hope cool heads prevail in Washington DC. Unfortunately it seems unlikely; for all intents and purposes, the Pentagon is now running American foreign policy. The propaganda seems to be preparing for the US, Israel, Qatar, and Saudi clowns to further confront China, Russia and Iran in the Middle-East (and wider Eurasia). Ayatollah Khomeini, for the first time, questioned Saudi’s guardianship over Medina and Mecca. If the war limits itself to Iran taking over the Arabian peninsula, the world could bare it (and perhaps be grateful for it); but if continental powers get dragged in, a biblical confrontation cannot be ruled out.

It seems the world is the closest to global war it has been since 1962. One thing is for sure, Obama is no JFK.