Distribute Crash Course DVDs

Our number one passion at PeakProsperity.com is spreading the messages of the Crash Course to as many people as we possibly can. We believe that the best thing we can do for our country and the world is to escalate public awareness of these issues so that they become a subject of public discussion and debate.

The Crash Course was first published exclusively online at PeakProsperity.com, and the growth in site traffic has been nothing short of explosive. We're now seeing more than 10,000 site visitors daily, and PeakProsperity.com has become one of the busiest finance-related web sites on the Internet. That growth has all occurred as a result of word-of-mouth advertising. We want to encourage that trend to continue to grow into a massive, viral grassroots movement that puts the messages of the Crash Course at the top of the public discussion agenda.

Helping us to distribute the DVD is one great way that you can help us to put the word out.

If you want to, you can even make money for your efforts.

This page describes the details of our viral distribution plan for the Crash Course DVD. Let's first review the success factors that got us to the point we are now, and then consider some new options we're making available:

  • Word of mouth. One of the best things you can do to help our cause is just to tell everyone you know about the Crash Course. E-mail them a link to http://www.PeakProsperity.com/crashcourse, or tell them face to face. This is how the Crash Course was first spread, and we owe the success of the site to those of you who have helped us get the word out in this way.
  • Public mention. Readers have been posting links to PeakProsperity.com on finance and political web sites, e-mailing TV news shows, and generally speaking up wherever they can. This has been so successful that we've organized a volunteer group called the Martenson Brigade for people who want to help in this way and have fun collaborating with others while doing so.
  • Give the Crash Course DVD to your friends. We've made it easy to either buy or make your own Crash Course DVDs. We've done our best to make it easy for you to help us get this message out to as many people as we possibly can by offering a DVD version of the Crash Course.
  • Sell Crash Course DVDs for a profit. We recognize that expecting people to spend time and money buying or making their own DVDs, only to give them away for free, is asking a lot.  So we've worked out a way for you to sell Crash Course DVDs and potentially make some money for your effort (more info below).  We realize that some of you don't want to profit on the distribution of the Crash Course. But we also know that providing a financial incentive is a good way to motivate more people to help spread the word.

Here's a 5-minute video (which also appears on the DVD itself) describing our plan:



Our primary goal is to get the messages of the Crash Course out to as many people as we possibly can. We've designed this plan to appeal to the differing desires of a broad audience. Some of you will only want to make a few copies to give to your friends, while others might want to sell them by the pile as a side-line business. Our goal is to see as many of you as possible get involved in distributing the Crash Course DVD in your communities.

How much does Chris Martenson charge for the DVD?

Chris is so passionate about calling public attention to the messages of the Crash Course that he has decided to forego making any profit for himself from the DVD. Instead we will allow the community to produce and sell the DVDs for a maximum retail price of Ten Dollars ($10). The people who produce and sell the DVDs keep the money. Chris Martenson doesn't require any payment for the use of his materials, provided that the rules set forth on this page are respected. We do, however, accept donations. We hope you will consider donating part of your profits if you benefit from selling the Crash Course, but we leave that choice to you.

Anyone can download the file needed to burn the DVD version of the Crash Course, free of charge. If you need the PAL version of the DVD (for Europe and Asia), this is your only option for now. We also know that some of you will prefer to be able to download and burn your own NTSC DVDs. Click here to learn how to make your own Crash Course DVDs.


Three rules for producing Crash Course DVDs:

Chris Martenson retains title to and ownership of this copyrighted material. Chris is showing extraordinary generosity by making this material available for free. Anyone and everyone is authorized to reproduce the Crash Course DVD, subject to the three conditions set forth below. We ask that everyone please respect these three simple conditions:

1. No content modification is permitted.

We are making this DVD available for free under the condition that it be copied exactly, without modification. You may not re-master the DVD to add your own opinions, commentary, marketing, or anything else. To thwart abuse of this policy, we will very strongly condemn any "modified versions." The addition of copy protection to the DVD would be considered a content modification and is prohibited.

2. All discs must be labeled with our approved, unmodified artwork.

If you intend to sell the DVDs you produce, you must label the discs with the disc label artwork we provide below. Our goal is to assure that anyone receiving the disc will know that Chris is the original author and that his copyright and website URL are shown on the label. The disc label must not be altered in any way.  

You can download the approved artwork for both discs and standard DVD jackets (cases) using the links at the bottom of this page. The DVD does not need to be packaged in a case with our artwork, but the disk itself does need to have the approved label on it if you wish to sell it.  If you are burning a DVD for personal use, please mark it with the following words:  "Crash Course – PeakProsperity.com – Basic Edition – November 2008."

3. The maximum sale price is $10.

If you would like to produce copies of the Crash Course Basic Edition and make them available for sale, you may sell as many discs as you like, to whomever you like, for up to the suggested retail price of ten dollars per disc. You may also charge actual shipping costs if you are selling DVDs via mail order. You may also sell them for less or give them away for free.

We've set a maximum price to deter people from unfairly profiting from Chris' work. The intellectual property contained on the disc belongs to Chris Martenson. It is his choice to give it away for free, and we feel the $10 suggested retail price more than adequately compensates those who reproduce and sell the DVDs.


Why sell (or give away) copies of the Crash Course?

We hope you'll agree that the messages of the Crash Course are important and worthy of public discussion. We have no budget for marketing or advertising, so word-of-mouth is the only avenue available to us for promoting this message. In other words, we really need your help to get the word out.

We'd really love to see a whole lot of people join in and help this cause by producing Crash Course DVDs in volume and just giving them away to everyone they know. But we are realists, and understand that most people cannot afford to spend money and time producing DVDs only to give them away for free. So we've put a $10 maximum retail price tag on the DVD, as a financial incentive to encourage as many people as possible to help the cause by distributing Crash Course DVDs. We feel that the $10 price offers a very attractive profit incentive, since you can buy the DVDs in bulk for well under $2 each, depending on quantity.

If you're financially comfortable or just don't care to be in the business of selling stuff, we hope you'll consider buying or making a bunch of Crash Course DVDs and just giving them away to everyone you know. What a perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays! For that matter, you might consider buying a bunch of DVDs, selling a few to recover your cost, then giving the rest away. Just do whatever feels best for you.

We're also working on a program to allow sponsors to subsidize the cost of making large numbers of Crash Course DVDs available to schools, libraries, churches, and other worthy recipients who may not be able to afford to purchase them. If you'd like to help in this way, please contact us!


Take your sales and profits to the next level

Once you have a bunch of Crash Course DVDs, who are you going to give or sell them to? The obvious place to start is with your own family and friends.

But here's an idea that could both help to spread the message much wider and also take you to a whole new level of profitability: Suppose you were to walk into your local convenience store, gas station, supermarket, or video store, and introduce yourself to the manager. Then give them a copy of the Crash Course DVD as a gift. If you paid close attention to the Crash Course, you already know why it’s a good idea to develop personal relationships with these people.

Now suppose that you return to that store a few days later and say to the manager, "Listen, I’d like to give you 25 more of these to put next to your cash register. No money up front – pay me for what you actually sell, and we'll split the profit. If they don’t sell, I'll take them back, no questions asked."

Any sane businessperson would welcome this no-risk offer, especially if you first make them aware of the importance of the Crash Course message to your community. Perhaps the word will get out and they’ll sell like hotcakes. If they do, you’ll make a few bucks on each and every one of them, and you’ll be getting more people in your community on board with the Crash Course message. Who knows, you might even use that gas station or convenience store to form a local group of concerned citizens. If the DVDs don’t sell in that particular location for some reason, just take them back and sell them individually to your friends or try a different store. If people who were inspired by the Crash Course start doing this all across America, we’ll be able to take this message to a whole new level.

You might also consider giving or loaning a free copy to the clerks at the store and encouraging them to watch it. If you get them personally excited about the message, they’ll be much more likely to recommend the Crash Course to everyone who walks into their store.