Expert Advice on Strategic Relocation

By gnltabor on Mon, May 16, 2016 - 2:48pm

The question of relocation is a serious one that can involve a great deal of expense and disruption in your life and the lives of your immediate family members who will be a part of the change.  One of the more comprehensive books on the subject is called Strategic Relocation from Joel Skousen.  It's not cheap but it is comprehensive.  Whether you're interested in developing better resilience in your present location, developing an escape route in the event of regional chaos, considering establishing a bugout location in your general vicinity, or willing to consider an actual strategic relocation as some have described, Joel's book and other publications are quite comprehensive.   The book provides not only state by state ratings, but more specific information on best locations within each state, as well as a comprehensive review of threats.  States are given ratings from zero to 5 stars, with more detail on strategies and regions within each state that are better for bugging out.  Joel also has a book on the Secure Home, which can be downloaded for half the price of ordering a printed copy and also avoids postage.  You may also be able to find Joel's books at your local library.  Watch this Youtube interview of Joel by Alex Jones which goes over his Stragegic Relocation information here:

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" The Day After Tomorrow " :

" The Day After Tomorrow " :  Youtube:  Preparing for 2017. Planet-X Nibireu Planet 9. From about 5. 20. Hint, East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of M. not good!

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