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By findingmyway on Sat, Jan 23, 2016 - 11:31am

I created this group some time ago to address PP concerns in the Southern Alberta context.  Haven't seen much activity so I thought I need to turn things up a notch.  Ultimately I'd like to see a group that supports each other in dealing with the crumble and if possible, getting together to discuss things.  I don't believe in any one right solution, context is a huge part of what is best.  To that end:

I'm located in Lethbridge.  Have two daughters, one still at home but will be graduating in 2 years.  After that I'm free to do whatever I want.  With that context I'm looking at options and figure out what I want to do.  Going to latin america sounds attractive (not having to worry about freezing in the winter certainly simplifies things) but abandoning what I have here holds me back.  So I'm in a heavy investigate and experiment mode.  Looking at taking some seminars in self-building this year.

My background is in computers and have always been a builder/tinkerer.  The idea that I can establish a self built/reliant lifestyle is fascinating.  Building the plan is what I'm working on.  

So any topic is fair game.  I understand the reluctance to come out in public on these topics.  I have been surprised at the interest that is shown when these topics come up; it seems that many are concerned but its not polite conversation.  Hopefully we can build a network of like minded people.



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Well Ken, I am in Edmonton so I thought I would reach out.

I believe I am pretty well informed, but woefully under-prepared. I am totally on the grid, have dependent kids and I am firmly plugged into the system. I have taken some first steps such as obtaining a home safe, a PAL license, and on my way to having a 2-3 months survival plan.

Nothing set up for longer term sustainability which is a stone in my shoe.


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Started thirty years ago and wonder where the finish is!

I'm in the Edmonton area and have been relatively independent when it comes to food and living costs. To achieve a self sufficient lifestyle comes at a cost that many people are not willing to pay. It also comes with a good deal of labour and time. The main question is: where do you wish to invest both those commodities. 

My advice is to make these connections, as you've started, and see what other folks have done towards a less dependent lifestyle. From my experience, don't expect a great deal of help from your family or community until the proverbial lump hits the fan. They'll show up then, because they know how tough it can be "doing it on your own". Why do an ever increasing number of people head to the city? It's convenient, safe and easier. Why do some of us live in the sticks? For me, space, quiet, nature and a sense that I'm not destroying everything around me and trying to work with the natural systems. Have I succeeded? I won't know until I hit the finish line. Hang in there. Keep up the search. Things will eventually come into focus.

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In town has to be difficult

One of the scariest and most likely scenarios would be power outage.  In the city without power you have no water, no heat, can't get fuel, even if you got to costco before the shelves were bare you couldn't make electronic payments.  If it was winter, within 12 hrs there would be a major humanitarian disaster.  99.9% of people simply aren;t prepared; for anything out of the ordinary.

I don't know anyone other than me that even has a wood burning stove.  Water, heat and food won't be a problem for me and my family for months.  We'll be just fine. BUT everyone knows I have a wood stove that can heat my whole house. 

I've tried to talk to a few people about this stuff but get dismissed as a whack-job.  I think the answer is to have a few families that can band together to share resources and look out for each other security-wise but how do you turn your neighbors away? 

Currently I don't subscribe to the doomsday theory.  I think it's very possible that the economy will collapse in which case paper wealth would disappear very quickly, fuel will be difficult to obtain and debt will become a noose overnight but for the most part we'd have access to the necessities.

Any thoughts?


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Worst Case Scenario

I anticipate a worst case scenario where the banks panic and shut their doors, credit cards cease to work and ATMs run out of money. If this happens then truckers will be unable to refuel and the massive 'just-in-time' inventory of goods headed to supermarkets will not arrive. The shelves will be stripped in minutes and the vast majority of people will be without food in less than 48 hours.

If your friends and neighbors know you have a stash of food, they will soon be at your door demanding that you feed them. Refusal will probably be met with violence, if not immediately then soon thereafter when they become truly desperate. At that point your options become very limited.

This truly scary situation will last until the banks re-open and the food supply is re-established. If that takes more than a week many people will surely die.

I hope and pray that I am wrong. But while hoping for the best we would be foolish not to very quietly and secretly prepare for the worst.


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Secondary affects

Oh man, do I agree.  Its not the fact of what happens, it will be how things are dealt with where the real ugliness will come out.  I consider it a bunch of steps, I don't know the exact sequence but one can acquire a handle on what some of the pausing points are.  More of a cascade of rapids rather than a huge waterfall.  In many ways, its like running from bear; you don't have to be the fastest, just not the slowest.  Things that cover a span of outcomes are good investments.

That being said, I've gone very quiet in polite company about what I'm doing.  OpSec is part of it.  All we can do is the best we can.  If someone wants to get together for a coffee I'd certainly oblige.  One of my objectives for being on here is to at least make contact with like minded people, at least there will be some synergy there.  The golf, game of thrones,etc  obsessed need to be avoided and left behind. 

Personally I find the whole idea of what needs to be done to become self reliant very invigorating.  It satisfies both my security and builder comfort levels.  Unfortunately I have some commitments that prevent me for going for it now, but there is a tonne of things I can do to advance my cause. 



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