Energy in Exchange for World Peace

By Unacknowledged on Tue, Oct 27, 2015 - 9:19am

With reference to the Keshe Plasma device: It takes some time to come up to speed on this, but there appears to be something there. The online presentations detailed below are currently describing how to build the devices. Many are building the devices based on these descriptions. There should be public independent verification before the end of October, 2015.


Livestreaming at:

At Zoom Meeting (when live):

YouTube live as well:


There are also the QEGenerator, the Auroratek PS3000UC, and the Rosch displacement generator to consider.


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Sorry, but...No

I guess the slogan "Energy in exchange for world peace" should have been enough of a clue to toss this in the bin.
Unfortunately I did spend a few hours reading up on this.
Time wasted that I will never get back.

There is an old saying: "If something is too good to be true, it just ain't" (Freely translated to english). This defenately falls in that category.
The most solid evidence is that the Keshe thing was discovered 10 years ago, and have not seen any practical use still. That alone means it just don't work.

If you nitpick on technical details it can actually harvest free energy, but in such small quantities that it is completely useless. There are plenty of well known ways to harvest a lot more energy that is far better.
The most common "experiment" is so bad that you can harvest more energy by just holding two electrodes to your own tongue.

By adding some mumbo-jumbo, not revealing a few details and counting on most people not knowing the difference between volts, amps and watts you can go a long way.
We desperately want to find the holy grail, but this is just not it.

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