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By daimyo on Thu, Aug 20, 2015 - 11:28am


My name is Brett Andrzejewski.  User handle: daimyo.  I recently moved to the Buffalo area from the desert of NM.  My family is originally from the Buffalo area, but father preferred the desert more than shoveling snow.  I was visiting my aunt and uncle for their wedding last year and had an intuition that I had to move to Buffalo.
Thus, taking a little bit of risk moved to Buffalo and now have a job/apartment in Niagara Falls.

I am looking to find like minded individuals in this (greater Buffalo) area who are working towards personal and community resiliency.

I am trained as a chemical engineer and had my "realization moment" during college studies that oil reserves were decreasing and my entire career was based on their continued consumption.  In the 20 years since that time I have been working towards sustainability and personal resilience.

I'm into Permaculture, rocket mass heaters, gardening, prepping, herbalism, fermentation, alternative energy, and many more.

I've been trying to start a Permaculture community in this area with another individual from  I've also meet with the local expert on herbalism for a quick tour of her place.  I hope to keep working towards a strong and resilient community.

If anyone is still active in this forum please reply with a post.



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Welcome, from another WNYer

That makes at least three of us on this board, and I think there might be one or two more. I'm on the other side of the next county, an hour or so from Niagara Falls.  But there's an active preppers network group near you, and several cooperative community resiliency ventures.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like more details.

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I have been reading CM for many years. We moved to a small farm near Geneva a few years ago. So a ways from Buffalo, but this is likely the group closest to us. Anyone in the group nearer to us, say, Rochester?

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