Fermentation and Probiotics

Arthur Robey
By Arthur Robey on Sun, Jul 19, 2015 - 7:46pm

Getting back to health, after carpet bombing your gut bacteria with anti-biotics.


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Fill me up

I love what they are doing. I have been hooked on kombutcha lately. I don't say you are what you eat, I say you are what you feed. It's all about the health of the gut. Check out Compton Rom's work at:


This is an excellent interview if you're a member or feel like signing up:


GaiamTV is well worth the money.

Thanks again Arthur

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More on fermentation from the medical profession.

The whys and hows of fermentation.

News to me, but completely logical.  Don't use chlorinated or fluoride water. These very reactive elements will kill your good microbes. 

I eat kraut on yacht.  It works a treat. I can eat a whole cabbage over a month by myself and have no waste.

I use this specially made fermenter from Korea. Naturely it has no strange chemicals added to the plastic. 



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Smut feeds on the corn plant and decreases the yield. Smut-infected crops are often destroyed, although some farmers use them to preparesilage. The smut is a delicacy in Mexico, where it is known as huitlacoche, even being preserved and sold for a significantly higher price than uninfected corn. The consumption of corn smut originates from Aztec cuisine.[16] For culinary use, the galls are harvested while still immature — fully mature galls are dry and almost entirely spore-filled. The immature galls, gathered two to three weeks after an ear of corn is infected, still retain moisture and, when cooked, have a flavor described as mushroom-like, sweet, savory, woody, and earthy. Flavor compounds include sotolon and vanillin, as well as the sugar glucose.


Think twice before discarding. 

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Ok, you can't say SMUT without triggering a delightful memory of this song.  Having said this, I suspect your smut and my smut are not the same thing:

As the judge remarked the day that he acquitted my Aunt Hortense,

To be smut it must be ut-terly without redeeming social importance!


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