Planning or Preparing

By bob980 on Thu, Jul 9, 2015 - 4:21pm

I was driving near my home in Cobb County, Georgia yesterday and noticed a sign posted in front of a small business.  You know the type: a catchy saying tying to get your attention so that you will remember that particular insurance agency, etc. when you would otherwise not even know it exits.  

The sign said: Plan for the Expected - Prepare for the Unexpected.  That is what we are pretty much all about on PP I think.  But, the lines are blurring between what is Expected and what is Unexpected.  One of our biggest challenges as we Plan/Prepare for the future when we have limited time and resources is that we have to figure out exactly what it is we are preparing for: economic meltdown; natural disaster; war; terrorism; retirement; ???  

As I thought about that sign, I realized that I now am Expecting what I would never have imagined 4 or 5 years ago.  I guess I have gone from Preparing to Planning more and more.  Meanwhile, our "news media" distract us more and more with social issues and outrages so that most folks don't know what they really should be even Thinking about much less Planning or Preparing for anything other than their next Tweat or FaceBook posting.   

Well, football season comes in about a month.  I am Planning on that.  Go Dawgs!

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