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By Algonquin on Wed, May 20, 2015 - 3:15pm

Hi Everyone,

I've been doing research on building a "Farmhouse" if I can find the right land and wanted to pass along a website that does modular construction in a factory but is really attractive construction and you get price certainty due to no unexpected cost overruns at least with the stick built home. They also have a development that they built in VT that is a little sustainable community. 8 homes with shared area as well as your own private area and private garden to grow food and of course solar powered.

The name of the builders is Huntington Homes of Vermont.

They are based in Montpelier but have a regional sales office on Leyden rd in Greenfield. My wife and I have an appointment with them at noon this Saturday. I will report back to let all of us Rowe 2015 folks what the costs are range wise based on plans.




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Keep me updated Matt

Hey Matt,

We're retiring to NH in 2019 and like the looks of what this company does.  I'll be interested in hearing what you learn, especially what kind of energy savings they claim over similar sized homes and what the costs are.  I liked the looks of their four homes under 1,200 sq ft.


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Great Consultation - Good feeling from them

We had the consultation with Larry Roux at Huntington Homes VT in Greenfield. Great guy, we felt very comfortable with him. He is an architect and he can customize the house form one of the 100 plans they have or you can bring in your own architect. 

We looked at a few homes the Buck Hill High Post Cape, the Benson and another to get an idea on cost. So the benson which is 1,875 colonial 3b/2.5b came out to be $72/sq ft ($135,000) with their standard offerings which are all name brand (andersen windows etc..) They are not the cheap option. They are on the high side as they only build 200 homes a year where other outfits build upwards of 1,500/yr. But their customer service is great apparently and the look and feel is amazing.

Now the big variables are land costs obviously but also the site work (Clearing, Excavation, Foundation, Septic, Well and hiring your own electrical and plumbing folks to button it up) That can be $100,000 or more depending on the variables.  

If we do take the plunge I am pretty sure we would go this route as you get cost certainty on the home part anyway or as much cost certainty as you can get.

They will make the home as "Green" as you want it but that adds to the cost. Their standard R value insulation is very good and they pride themselves on the construction of the "Envelope".

The demo was a carriage house in greenfield and you can tell its solid and very sound proof. They encourgae all prospective buyers to visit their facility in Montpelier.


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