VIDEO: How Eating Organic Cuts Pesticide Levels in Our Bodies

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Fri, May 15, 2015 - 10:27am

A Swedish family is used a test case to measure the change in blood pesticide levels before switching to an organic diet, and then again afterwards:

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Thanks Adam!

-Interesting video.  After reading the other thread discussing the neonicotinoids' affect on bees, I was curious about the impact of this crap on humans.  I live in dairy country, where fields of "cow corn" is a familiar local sight.  Is that seed sprayed with neonicotinoids?  If so, what happens to the milk produced by those dairy cattle?  Are we (and our children) ingesting neonicotinoids when they drink milk?  Does it affect humans?

In the video, seeing the pesticide (and other chemical) levels in the family's urine samples before they switched to organic foods, followed by low/non-existent levels after a couple of weeks was striking.  But don't chemicals accumulate in a more permanent fashion in our bodies than just the level visible in urine?   I would be interested to learn more about that in regard to the pesticides in our food and the potential cumulative affect on us, but more importantly, our kids.

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