Seminar Feedback: We'd Like To Hear From You

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Mon, Apr 27, 2015 - 4:02pm

Now that you've had 24 hours to process, we'd love to hear any feedback you'd care to share about the weekend seminar.

Please let us know your thoughts (both the positive, as well as any constructive ones) in the Comments section below.

We had a great time, and hope you all did, too. This year was truly an exceptional group.


Adam, Chris & Becca


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Dear Adam,

You mentioned that you could give me contact information on a permaculture designer and CSA or micro-greens production on a commercial scale.  This might be a good place to post the information that I imagine would be helpful to the class of 2015.


Perhaps we should plan a ten year class reunion.  It would be interesting to re-visit the preceeding years.

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What's changed at home

First, it was truly awesome to meet all of you, to hang out with music, food and drink on Saturday night and to have opportunities to share deeply.  I appreciated the chance to share about my breakthrough in working with kids in the woods.  The applause was awesome.  It was great to really bask in it and accept the appreciation.

It was fun to see a few of you join me in going barefoot for a time on Saturday. I hope my barefoot walking, debris shelter sleeping, and getting all teary about the losses our non-human fellow beings are suffering served you as much as it served me.  The weekend was a wonderful opportunity to let go and drop old habits in a group of like-minded, supportive, and (especially) open-minded folks like you.

Since I've returned, four big things have changed:

  1. I've been on a media fast.  I'm not reading Zerohedge, not listening to NPR and Democracy Now in the car, not reading mainstream press or following the market on a daily basis.  I'm trusting that anything important enough to pay attention too will be brought up here on PP.  I'm judiciously deciding which links to follow that I find on PP to outside news sources.  I'm using my car time to sing or listen to an audio book "Self Therapy" by Jay Earley in an effort to continue building social and emotional capital (as I detail below).  I just have to be careful not to speed when I'm singing.  This is big as I've been unable to make this shift in the past.  It seems to have been an addiction.
  2. I've made a firm commitment to move a deliberate pace (no rushing) unless there is a clear and compelling reason to temporarily move faster (something very important to do with a deadline or limited time to complete it - and I have enough energy and focus to do it quickly with minimal chance of mistakes). Once again, this seemed impossible until Sunday evening.
  3. I've made a commitment to repeat the mantra "I have time for this conversation"  when people want to talk to me, especially people I'm close to. I then make an effort to really listen to them, make sure they really know I've heard them, and to give the conversation as much spaciousness as I can manage given my other commitments. Ditto for this miracle of this breakthrough.
  4. I've focused on bringing myself back to center to evaluate my priorities, maintain focus and nip distractions in the bud, while being kind to myself when I do find myself distracted.  Yes, this too is a surprising shift.

So far, the results have been spectacular.  I'm much more relaxed.  If anything happens to raise the stress level or potentially introduce conflict or weaken connections/good relations with others, I notice right away because my baseline is clear and relaxed.  Tonight I was able to diffuse a moment of tension with my wife that might have turned into a conflict if it wasn't for my new relaxed baseline state.

I'm taking advantage of this opening to continue to work generate and implement a plan for continued work in this area of building both social and emotional capital. Thank you all for a magic weekend.

Finally, I appreciate Chris' sharing on Saturday night about ideas to bring about change, the way Becca created openings for those healing moments of release that are perhaps one of the most important ways we can prepare for an unknown future by clearing away the blocks, and for Adam's authentic, enthusiastic sharing of his journey.  I hope I can share as authentically as he did some day soon.

With appreciation,


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Seminar Feedback: Thank You !

Adam, Chris & Becca,

A BIG Thank-you for creating and providing a space for genuine exchanges of ideas, experiences and learning among people.  Seminar material was excellent and fun to go through.  I appreciated Becca's sharing of how her family has transitioned in detail.  Interplay among three of you was fun and pleasant to watch. 

Conversations with other seminar participants were very valuable.  I left this short, but sweet seminar with a lot of food for thoughts and actions I want to take.


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Just Read Prosper - Great Job!

Great Job with the book guys! I am going to be purchasing multiple copies for relatives. Love the outlook and the positive angle you took.


-Matt S. (Rowe 2015 attendee)

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