a call to relocate to Europe

By SocratesR on Sun, Apr 19, 2015 - 4:41am

my argument is simple: mankind did not pop into existence a few thousand years ago. So what are you prepping for? A limited cataclysm did not wipe the Earth clean of people 13,000 years ago. It was much more serious than that. Our ancestors were neither suicidal, retarded, nor ignorant. And yet they were thrown into a new stone age (after building things like Puma Punku which we couldn't build today if we chose to).

After 6 years of looking for like-minded folk online, i've yet to find a single person willing to step far enough out of their comfort zone to accept the simple logic stated above. Good intentions will not offer survival. Good intentions and hard work give peace of mind and you may die peacefully, but survival is about more than a gung ho attitude and positive thinking. Survival is about a clear choice for success no matter what.

I am heading for Spain or Morocco in June of 2015, for a good cave in which to prepare. I can live there because i've been preparing for years and i understand things about growing food that permaculture wizards teach that would make mainstreamers' heads spin. I understand things about nutrition that are likewise offense to 99% of the poplation [read Born to Run].
Survival is about serious consideration and real knowledge, not about money or experience.

Join me in being serious. If you're serious, i will appreciate your participation. It's really all that matters. Anything more than that's just gravy.



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