How to get rennet for making cheese

By eplegrand on Thu, Apr 16, 2015 - 9:59pm

Since a few month, I started to make cheese. This in anticipation of later having some goats. All together, the idea is to be more self sufficient. 

The trouble is though that some ingredients are difficult to get. Now I have ordered it from the internet in the US even though I live in Thailand, so not very resilient. Especially the rennet, I understood that that comes somehow out of the stomach of a calf.

Anybody experience how to get rennet?


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What you want is the abomasum, or fourth stomach of a young goat.  This is where rennet is produced.  Look up rennet and abomasum.  Goats typically have two kids.  If there is a male kid and a female kid, you could keep the female and take the male for meat and its abomasum for rennet.  That's how you would get rennet at home and not have to order it in from somewhere.  Read up on it.  I've never done it, but it can't be that much different from finding organs in other animals.  Look for some diagrams and pictures, and I think you can do it.

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Thanks for the ideas. I will

Thanks for the ideas. I will for sure look through it. Still many other things to do. Don't even have the goats yet.I hope it is possible for me to do.

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