Hard Work Up In Vermont/Rewarding Experiences

By Jbarney on Sun, Mar 15, 2015 - 6:54am

Hi folks,

While these days of prepping, or the long months and years of having hints about a grim future can sometime get us down, I just wanted to share the experience I had yesterday and how rewarding it was.  I am of a mind that society can and will recover from collapse and many things built today can be reworked, in a more positive way, in the future.  Hard work today doesn't have to mean it will be harder in the future.

I have three brothers.  I am by far the one who has jumped down the rabbit hole the farthest, but each of them are well aware of my beliefs.  Each of them is fairly handy and embarked on different local resilient tasks, well, because that is still the life style up here in Vermont.

Let me explain.  As I write this, the coffee is hot.  I am sitting next to our big windows, watching the snow fall.  I don't even have to move to feel our sore and achy my arms, back, and legs are.  Feels great, had everything to do with yesterday...which was fulfilling.

I got up Saturday morning and wanted to get a lot of stuff done.  Went to the Maple Sugar supply store and bought more sap collecting buckets.  By about 10:00 A.M. I was hanging them out in my sugar wood.  I have 3.5 acres with about 50 maple trees.  You can get a lot of taps from that many maples, even though there are operations much, much larger.  My oldest brother built a small sugar house last year, and he tapped many of his own trees, too.  The sap was running so we had to boil yesterday.  More on that later.

I didn't want to wait around while the sap was running.  So I went up to one of my other brothers' place and helped him finish pruning his apple trees.  Late February through March is the best time to prune your apple trees (or well, that is what the old timers say up here) and he has well over twenty mature apple trees on his property.  Helped him move a bail of hay and then we stacked wood.  Oh ya.

Mean while, my oldest brother had collected sap from his and my properties, and when I got back to my house I received a text from him that he was boiling.  Oh ya!  My dad got us all interested in boiling when we were kids.   Best thing was, the sap was running so well yesterday, I had to collect more sap from my trees to bring it up to my brothers.  Before I went up there to help him for the evening....

I helped my girlfriend cook supper, and some of the ingredients we used, some of the food we prepared was stuff that we made/canned/stored with our own hands from last year's harvest.

Finally, by 9:30 P.M. I was up at my oldest brother's house, helping him boil. 

It was a very rewarding day.

Just thought I would share it with you.  time to go figure out what I can do today.  Three gray squirrels and one red one are eating birdseed under the birch tree as I sign off.  Chickadees, junkos, cardinals, and wood peckers are out there too.

Good hard work and nature up here in Vermont.

Have a good day.


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thanks, jnbarney!

What a lovely day to share. We had one full of nice sustainable routines, too.

My husband and I are a bit sore from yesterday, from going out and culling a load of firewood from local trees downed in this last winter's storms. He cut it up for firewood while I prepped and planted two raised beds. first I removed a layer of mulch to stop winter weed growth, then I pulled the few weeds it did not deter, then I added new compost to each. We planted lettuce, peas, spring cabbages, and beets - and violas as a ground cover.(edible flowers) )   We had our local son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter come over for dinner today. We also cooked with ingredients we dried or canned, and sent the baby home with some of our home-canned peaches from last fall. 

The asparagus is coming up, sop that's next. :-)

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Getting Chickens



Ya, I think getting our own hens is a good idea when I read stuff like this.....



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