Missourians - Are you out there? (Buying land in MO)

By HughK on Sat, Feb 28, 2015 - 4:58pm

A call for anyone who has some land in Missouri

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Missourians, are you out there? (Land in MO)

This is a call to see if anyone from Missouri would like to share experience about buying and owning land in MO.  

My family and I are looking at some land in Mid-Mo - probably in Boone, Cooper, Callaway, Randolph, Cole, or Moniteau counties - but we are not set on these counties only.

For example, if there was someone out there (Susanattheville? Ready? the N.Central Missouri PPers?) that really liked where they were located and were interested in corresponding a bit to see if we would like to be each other's neighbor, then we would also consider trying to locate near you.  

We have a very good network of friends and associates in Mid MO, which is probably why we will end up buying land in that area, but I still wanted to put the word out and share experiences as well as our vision for the next ten or twenty years.



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