New Anti-Spam Measures

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Sun, Jan 18, 2015 - 1:14pm

An increasing volume of spambots have been hitting over the past few months.

In response, we've just activated a beefier spam protection service this weekend. Preliminary results look good in that spam bot postings are way down over the past 24 hours. 

But a few users have experienced trouble posting comments, as the new system wasn't 100% sure they were real people and thus blocked their posts.

We'll be tweaking the software to reduce this issue, but it may take several days to get right.

If you see a similar rejection of one of your posts, try again. The system should let it through. But if it still doesn't, feel free to email the text of your comment to [email protected] along with your PP username. We'll put the post up for you (under your name).



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Anti spam


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Jim H
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New Supplement Will Help You Build Muscles

good news indeed.   : )

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Great news for me...

My morning practice for months has been to clear out the spam and block the spam accounts.  It was a minor nuisance for a while but recently had become something more than that.

These past three mornings have been wonderfully free of that mindless task of deleting anywhere from 40-70 spam posts.

On the downside, I am now unsure of where to go for the best weight loss supplements, but that's the price we pay for a clean, uncluttered site.

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Building muscles

Ahhhhhh..... I am already missing these wonderful creative pieces of literature. Full paragraphs with absolutely no punctuation, just words... get a wheelbarrow full of dictionaries... cut every single word (you need to be patient, though)... put them in a large drum... turn... turn... turn... then pick them one by one and glue them on a sheet of paper.... et voila! you have your masterpiece! 

or promises of muscles, muscles, muscles, and more muscles... up to the eyebrows.... and beyond is total anemia... 

or... blahblahblah...

Thank you, PP is an investment worth protecting.

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 unsure of where to go for the best weight loss supplements

Or kitchen cupboards. broken heart

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Quercus bicolor
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Still a few getting through

There are only a few spam posts getting through now, but if they increase in number again how about this as a solution:

  1. Maintain a list of trusted members.
  2. Have a "mark as spam" button at the bottom of each post.
  3. If at least 3 trusted users mark a post as spam, it's removed automatically.

I'm not sure how difficult it would be to modify the software to do this, but it would eliminate tedious work for Chris.

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