By blackeagle on Mon, Jan 5, 2015 - 8:48pm

I am looking for good online courses for stock trading.

I took in 2013 the decision to manage my money by myself, However, I found that just reading is not enough. Courses will be a positive asset.

I know one company that gives such courses, but their web site lacks information. I don't want to spend 2500$ with so little of information even if this company has been recommended to me by a good friend.

Googling did not provide me relevant links. May be I did not use the right keywords.

Thanks in advance.


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Boeing is doing what all the companies are doing.  Using free money to get rid of shareholders. This trend will continue until there are no more shareholders and the companies can be delisted from the stock market. They will then be private companies,  free of all the obligations of company law.

My advice would get to know personally some local business and invest in that. 



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