Julia Butterfly Hill In Car Accident

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Wed, Dec 31, 2014 - 6:35pm

Many of you remember Julia Butterfly Hill, notable environmental activist, who provided a deeply meaningful podcast for us back in April.

I'm sad to report she's been in a car accident though, to our relief, she'll be able to recover from her injuries.

Those who know Julia know that she is not a financially wealthy woman, given health set-backs as well as her generous giving of her energies in helping raise funds for the causes she believes in so deeply.

Her support network contacted us, asking for help in raising funds to offset as much of her non-deductable medical costs as possible, so that she can focus on healing without stressing about the bills:

Julia Butterfly Hill has devoted her life to helping others. She rose to fame (though that was never her intent) from living in a giant Redwood tree she named Luna for over 2 years to protect a precious old growth forest. Recognizing the opportunity she now had to use her story and name to generate attention for environmental protection, she has spent the ensuing 15 years devoting herself to more activism, writing the inspirational "One Makes the Difference," supporting one important cause and local group after another, and inspiring thousands of people around the world to believe in themselves and to protect our world.

Julia has given, given, given herself to so many of us, and now we want to give to her.

Julia was recently rear-ended in a car accident. She is OK, thankfully, but is having pains in her back and neck and unfortunately insurance is not covering her bills until she covers a $3500 deductible.

Given all that Julia has given to so many amazing causes, while she's seeking to restore her health, we do not want her to struggle with finances. 

Among the many wonderful things that could be said about her, Julia is so generous. She has given her time so freely, supporting so many individual activists through her coaching, her speaking at events, her raising money to support others, or preparing meals infused with love.

Let's give Julia some of our "green energy" to support her in healing and thriving.

Instructions for making a financial contribution can be found here.

If you're motivated and able to contribute, it will make a big difference in her life.

Plus, it's an easy way to earn some good karma points at the very start of 2015 -- and who doesn't need those?


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Luke Moffat
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Jewel of the Earth

Green energy for a golden girl. Some may even say jewel of the earth.

Much love,



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The Honor is mine....

To be able to assist one who has given so much, and has taken a stand that many of us can only dream of.  Happy New Year, Be well, Aloha.   Steve

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Well said, thatchmo

-You gave me the nudge I needed.  It is an honor to be able to help someone like Julia, who stands up in such a big way for things I/we care about.

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Population or Trees

My full support for Julia Butterfly.

On the broader subject of the environment however:   We need more effort exposing the need for population control as a pragmatic solution as opposed to mere restraint.  Less people means less environment stress on everything including trees - amazingly no-one seems to have figured that out over the last 100 years (though native cultures had this pegged for thousands of years - go figure).

Creating tree zoos surrounded by burgeoning vertical cities of people doesn't seem like a particularly good solution for anyone. 

Sustainability applies equally to population number and is blindly overlooked.   All arguments fail if you only look at half the picture all the time.

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Heck Yeah


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We made a difference, thank you all!

Thank you to everyone that donated...we made a nice bump in the donation flow and I feel really good about being able to help Julia as she deserves it.

Not surprisingly, for someone who gives so much in life, she's found it both difficult to open up to being on the receiving end, but enormously supportive and deeply moving as well.

Life gives us lessons every step of the way, if we are open to them.  If not, life will continue to deliver the same messages until we finally hear them and then it's time for a new set of lessons.

It's best to learn to listen, is what I've discovered.  :)

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