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Wendy S. Delmater
By Wendy S. Delmater on Mon, Dec 29, 2014 - 8:50am

I just wanted to point out a new product I found; looks interesting.

Innovative Glass Roof Tiles Heat Your Home With Solar Energy

The important thing to know about this particular type of roof tile is that it doesn’t need bright sunshine in order to function at high parameters. Check out how the entire system works from the following presentation.

I hope this is not another impractical product like the solar roadways.


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New directions in solar roofing

I'm undaunted in my search for a long-lived, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, standing seam metal solar roof.  My latest internet searches show that yet another thin-film building integrated photovoltaic provider has gone bankrupt.  Xunlight is now bankrupt, preceded by Unisolar, Solyndra, and others. 

HOWEVER, solar industry analysts are predicting that demand for TF BIPV may be strong in 2015:

The solopower company has a second generation CIGS thin-film panel that is perfect for standing seam roofs, and (arguably) just as efficient as Si (glass) panels, with significantly less weight:

And here is an article showing the aesthetic appeal of TF BIPV:

I will keep you posted about my search.  Hoping that 2015 is the year we install a new metal roof with solar panels on our modest home in Colorado.  We need a new roof, and this is a good opportunity to prepare for a future of energy uncertainty.  While electricity is currently cheap and reliable, now is the time to prepare.  Besides, why not minimize our carbon footprint NOW?

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Very interesting product

I checked out the website and it really does look promising.

The company happens to be from Sweden with quite a bit of information on the web in Swedish.

A few good things to mention:

The company has been around for quite a while (at least since 2006).
The products seems to be based on research done at the largest university in Sweden (KTH).
The main innovation is the glass tile that is a drop-in replacement for a regular two-cup-roof-tile.
The cost is 75 SEK per tile, close to $10. You need around 9 tiles per square meter.
They also sell the full system with the parts to go under the roof to create a fully functional system.

What does worry me a bit is:
They have stayed really anonymous for a long time.
There are very few completed projects presented on the website.
They have a Swedish company and a company to sell to Mediterranean. I imaging you can buy and ship to any other country in the world, but due to weight the shipping is not likely to be fast or cheap.

For a new installation of a full roof it seems like it would be simpler and more cost efficient to use flat glass. The advantage of this product is the drop in replacement and that you can replace part of a roof.
For most installations solar energy is only practical on the south facing part of the roof, so the north facing part would just get your standard tiles.

I wonder what the city build approval would say as well. The norm in Sweden is that the color of the roof is quite limited by the local building code. Glass has not really been an option before this. By presenting it as the best green choice I believe there is a very good chance to get it approved.


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