"Bump key" burglaries

By thc0655 on Thu, Dec 18, 2014 - 9:53am

Here's a news story about a string of "bump key" burglaries in South Jersey all committed by the same suspect.  Considering how easy it is to gain entry into a home using a bump key and considering you can watch how-to videos on the internet, I'm amazed it doesn't happen more often.  But the fact is most burglaries don't involve bump keys or otherwise "picking" locks.  For instance, one of my neighbors just had a burglary in her home three nights ago through an UNLOCKED rear door.  Duh!

When you watch the demonstration video, note that the narrator gets into his house with a bump key by opening four locks on two doors in about a minute.  There's a tapping sound involved but that by itself might not be enough to attract the attention of your neighbors if this was happening at your house.

COUNTERMEASURES: Modern locks that are labeled "high security" will often be designed to thwart this bump key entry method.  Read the packaging carefully.  Most importantly, locked doors are just ONE LAYER of security for your home.  Locked doors should be backed up by a monitored alarm system.  Once the bump key burglar defeats your locks and opens the door he should be confronted with your alarm system sounding.



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bump keys


Wow, that video of a bump key in action is awesome!

Whenever I see a nifty technology demo (low tech, in this case), my instant reaction is always: I gotta get me one of those.  :-)  For instance, I had the same reaction when I saw a hovering quad copter.  I can imagine all sorts of usages for programmable quad copters with configurable electronic payloads.  I'd just need the time to write the software for them which, sadly, I don't have.



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Good info to pass on. Lots of people, like me, think there locks are a good defense. Time to put some defense rounds in the Glock.

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Locks are for deterring honest people, as the old folk saying more or less goes.

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Cheap video surveillance

I bought an inexpensive vid cam a while back but it required a bunch of Internet work for me to figure out and it was too much of a hassle. Sam L, an old poster here on CM, found this and we have each been using it in our respective homes.  I recently left  my home for several weeks and used it and it works. ( No one broke in but the system sent me a real time video of my neighbor coming in and watering the plants, as requested. ) And...it's free. This site, www.presencepro.com, has you download their free app. I bought a used Iphone4 for $70. on Ebay and hooked up this system in 30 seconds. There are some limitations in video storage and time taped but the system deletes older video with newer and let's you save ones you want. You can pay fifty bucks, I think, for much more storage capacity and some more options, unnecessary IMO unless you just want to support the site. I have no financial connection to this company. 

Ok, if someone cuts your electrical power or your internet goes down in your absence, you're out of luck. Otherwise, it meets my needs. I believe you can hook up multiple cameras if you like. I put the solitary camera at a choke point at the top of my basement where virtually any break-in would have to originate. If you get an alert to your phone that your camera has detected something, check the vid and see bad guys, the odds are pretty good that a 911 call to your home LEO  will get them there in time to catch the bad guys.



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