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By dmath on Wed, Dec 17, 2014 - 8:33am

New to PP... looking around... went to investing, and newest post was very old... did something wrong, or this not a subject that anybody cares about here unless it is gold or silver?

66 years old.  2/3 of net worth in 2 houses; no mortgages; one rented for income; one we live in; other third is half cash, half stocks.  Always thought inflation means own things rather than cash as cash loses value in inflation.  Bubble talk runs the opposite way on real estate.  Don't really know which way to run....

is anybody out there?


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RE: hello out there

Can I move in with you? :)  This discussion has not been very active, but it's definitely a big concern for most people on this site.  There is a lot of talk about precious metals elsewhere, but I believe that the majority of us are like you with a mix of investments, and concerned about where things might go.   I currently own one home, no mortgage and have investments that are mostly in cash-equivalents right now, as well as some physical gold and silver which is now worth less than I bought it for.  I guess I'm sort of waiting for the market to crash, so I can start slowly moving back in.  I guess consensus is that it will come, but maybe slow and painful, rather than fast, but that can change overnight...

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Thanks for response.  Hate having cash as losing value to inflation.  Bubble talk also scares me for both real estate and stocks.  Don't know where to run, as burned on gold before.  Should mention I'm a climate change activist, live in a net zero energy house having expected rising fuel prices (solar panels).  "Interesting times"

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Don't know where to run, as burned on gold before

Please sell it to me before the curtain comes down on our current Monetary Theatre;


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How I plan t prosper.

Dmath, it looks like you are doing well. I am also reducing my external expenses and providing more for myself. The example of solar PV is one that I use. I put my money in, and it provides no tangible income, but provides the electricity I use at no additional cost. If things do not fall apart for a few more years, I expect that a Battery-Electric Vehicle and some stationary batterys in my home will cover all of my energy needs.

Planting a garden is another way to be more resilient, and that also can reduce your external expenses. If you have the land, owning your own well and septic system are other things to look at.

Another topic you will find here is reskilling. Learn those skills that have value when nothing else works. Learn how to grow things, build things, repair things.

The value that you add to yourself cannot be lost in the market. Become as independent as you can.

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Thanks, Mike,  All good

Thanks, Mike,  All good thoughts.  I actually am a builder, or at least have been for 25 years... now winding business down.  At least trying.  Whenever I mention the R-word, my wife's hair stands on end, and she says, "Do you have any idea how much a carton of milk costs these days?!"  I'm learning to like water instead of milk with my sandwiches!  My PV on house also powers my Chevy Volt, which has saved me about 3500/year for the last few years on gas versus the pickup I used to drive around empty.

Since have been self employed, have no pension, so my connundrum is finding the safest way to invest what I have for retirement income.  Seems to be no safe harbor.

Have had for years tomatoes, herbs and lettuce, but do hope to learn more and do more in the garden as time (and my joints) allow.



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Sold it long ago, Jim.  New

Sold it long ago, Jim.  New on this group.  Note that gold a big thing here, but I don't know a lot about it, beyond it being hard value against collapse of financial system.  Do you guys hold physical gold, krugerands or something, or just stocks like GLD.   If you wanted to buy some, what would you buy?

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Thanks Mike Dill

"Another topic you will find here is reskilling. Learn those skills that have value when nothing else works. Learn how to grow things, build things, repair things."


I wholeheartedly agree.  Would that, when I was younger--now 81--I would have taken BOCES courses in electricity, plumbling, and carpentry, as well as welding.  Electricians and plummers NOW are charging incredibly high prices for fixing problems.  Not only maintenance, but if ever you wanted to build your own house (with licensed help of course) you would save a fortune, especially if "small is beautiful," or a dome or yurt, or cob house, or earth-sheltered homestead, along with buildings for animals, etc. OR, start up a small "commune or community" with different people having different talents/skills and learning from each other.  Great fun and a way to build community (whatever the hell that is!)

Try www.AwarenessCenters.com and click onto The Point of Infinity Retreat Center and explore a great garden dome.

Good learning,  Zen

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